More LLM choice.
Less cloud management.

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More LLM choice.
Less cloud management.

© 2024 NimbleBox, Inc.

More LLM choice.
Less cloud management.

© 2024 NimbleBox, Inc.


Introducing Tune Studio: Simplifying Gen AI Development

Mar 14, 2024

2 min read

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Traditional NLP is dead. The old ways just don't cut it anymore.

Teams, big or small, are all stuck in the struggle for speed, efficiency, and keeping LLMs afloat.

We get it – you want innovation, a user-friendly dev environment, and some serious experimentation mojo. So here's Tune Studio, your all-in-one stop for hassle-free LLM magic! 

Introducing Tune Studio:

Tune Studio empowers teams to develop and evaluate LLM applications efficiently, reducing development time from weeks to hours.


Imagine a space where creating AI agents is as simple as conversing with a friend. Tune Studio's Playground is precisely that - an intuitive chat interface that lets you test models, refine responses, and curate datasets effortlessly. It's the ultimate creative sandbox for trying out new open-source models.


The quality of your dataset can make or break your model's success. With Datasets, we bridge the gap between data collection and model training. This feature extends the innovative capabilities of our Playground, enabling users to interact with AI models in real-time and curate and save these interactions as high-quality datasets.


Finetuning LLMs often requires a delicate balance of expertise and patience. Tune Studio's Finetune feature revolutionizes this process. Users can train the latest open-source LLMs on top-tier hardware with just a few clicks, optimizing performance and slashing development time.


Deployment presents a significant hurdle in the LLM lifecycle, both in terms of complexity and cost. We tackle this head-on, offering a versatile range of deployment options. Whether you prefer public APIs or other production-grade servers like TGI, vLLM, or Triton, our platform ensures your models are running with no downtime. This flexibility allows developers to confidently scale their applications, knowing they're backed by a system designed for peak performance and cost-effectiveness.

And for enterprises?

We have built Tune Studio with enterprise needs in mind. Our Hybrid-Cloud capability empowers enterprises to deploy Tune Studio on their infrastructure.

We offer premium support and expertise that keeps you ahead so you can focus on building great products. Tune Studio can be tailored to specific requirements through support for custom LLMs, metrics, and robust APIs.

With our SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO27001 compliance, you can rest assured that data ownership and residency are our top priorities.

Join us on the Tune Studio Journey:

As we continue to evolve Tune Studio, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Sign up today to explore how our platform can transform your LLM development process, saving time, reducing costs, and unlocking new possibilities for innovation.

Today, we embark on this transformative journey to redefine the future of AI.

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Chandrani Halder

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