LLaMA 3 Unleashed - What You Need to Know

Apr 20, 2024

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Meta has just released LLaMA 3, the latest addition to its renowned line of open-sourced large language models. Since its inception, LLaMA has empowered developers worldwide to access vastly trained LLM parameters and develop their own versions and use cases. Let's dive into what LLaMA 3 brings to the table and what you can expect.

The LLaMA Story

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For those new to the world of AI, LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI) is a series of open-source language models developed by Meta AI. By releasing new LLaMA models, Meta empowers researchers, students, and enterprises to train customizable, purpose-driven language models that cater to their needs. 

At Tune AI, we're proud to be part of Meta's effort to democratize access to large language models. We envision a future where most organizations develop customized models tailored to their industry or business use case. The versatility of LLaMA has already inspired a wide range of use cases across various sectors, as demonstrated by our own users on Tune AI.

The Next Generation: LLaMA 3

LLaMA 3 represents a substantial upgrade from its predecessors, with notable advancements in both its scale and performance across various evaluation metrics.

LLaMA 3 comes with a safety framework, featuring Llama Guard, Code Shield, and CyberSec Eval2. This toolkit provides an additional layer of protection and accountability for responsible AI development.

Surprisingly, LLaMA 3 8B outperforms its larger predecessor, LLaMA 2 70B!

While the new models show a considerable leap in performance, the model is still being trained. Given the leaps in evaluation metrics, we hope to see more open-sourced LLMs trained on LLaMA-3 and eventually give better results than GPT-4 in the coming few months.

LLaMA 3 compared to closed source models

Meta AI's LLaMA 3 embodies the same open approach defined by the LLaMA series. By providing a more accessible and transparent alternative to proprietary models like ChatGPT and GPT-4, Meta aims to democratize AI development.

Let's put LLaMA 3 to the test and see how it stacks up against its moderated counterparts.

Compared to OpenAI’s models, such as GPT-4 and GPT 3.5, the model has shown the following performance on different metrics.

And there is more, LLaMA 3 400B~

The LLaMA 3 8B and 70B models mark just the beginning of Meta's plans for this powerful language model. With even more prominent models in the works, featuring over 400B parameters, we can expect exciting new capabilities such as multimodality, multilingual conversations, and a longer context window.

While these models are still training, Meta is seeing promising results. In the coming months, they'll release multiple models with new features and a detailed research paper.

Here is how LLaMA 3 400B performs against other closed source models:


Meta is committed to an open ecosystem, making LLaMA 3 available on leading cloud, hosting, and hardware platforms. We're excited to see the innovative use cases emerging from this technology!

Open-Source Community reaction to LLaMA 3 launch

The open-source community has been abuzz with excitement over LLaMA 3's impressive performance. On platforms like Reddit's r/LocalLLaMA, users have been sharing their experiences and benchmarking results, showcasing the model's capabilities. The community has been impressed by LLaMA 3's ability to surpass its predecessors and even rival closed-source models like GPT-4.

Source 1:

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Many users have reported positive experiences with LLaMA 3, praising its performance. The model's ability to understand context and respond accordingly has been particularly noteworthy. Additionally, the community has been experimenting with fine-tuning LLaMA 3 for specific use cases, with promising results.

Discover how to fine-tune LLaMA 3 for your specific use case.

Access LLaMA 3 via API

Tune AI was founded with the drop of LLaMA 2 in 2023 and was one of the first few companies to host the model within a day of its launch. And we have done it again! 

LLaMA-3 is now available on both Tune Studio and Tune Chat. For those looking to get your hands dirty with these latest models and data, we bring you access to LLaMA 3 APIs on Studio, where you can tinker with LLaMA 3 and many more powerful Large Language Models on the Playground. 

Head over to Tune AI now to try LLaMA 3 before anyone else! 

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